My Film Journey: Everyday Life

When I bought my film camera, I devoted my first few rolls to capturing the little things and moments that represent my everyday life. "Everyday life" has a habit of changing quickly without us even realizing it. My husband and I were married a little over a year ago, so my everyday life looks a lot different than my single days of just a few short years ago! I hope that years from now, I see these photos as a fond reminder of my "newly-wed days."

This is our dog, Kiva. The most impressive part about this photo is that she sat still long enough for me to take it. To say that she gets really excited to go on walks would be an understatement.

Kiva and my husband, Paul at Creve Coeur Lake:
The next two photos are locations we visit on our neighborhood walks in South City: Francis Park and a pretty, ivy-covered fence we pass by often.
Lizzy, our cat, guarding the window:
Paul, hard at work:
I recently started growing basil and chamomile in window boxes. They are the first plants I have not killed. Yet.
These are my birthday flowers from Paul. In the background is an apron given to me by my dear friend Val, when she learned I had FINALLY taken up cooking:
I took this on a night out to dinner in the Central West End:
The summer sunset hitting just the right spot on our deck:
And a self-portrait of me reading, my favorite past-time:
So that's a little glimpse into my everyday life! Do you want photos that tell the story of YOUR ever-changing, everyday life? Send me a Message

Lifestyle Photos taken with Mamiya 645 Pro and 80mm 1.9 lens, Kodak400 Tri-X black and white film, Fuji400h Color Film and processed and scanned by Pro Photo Connection.


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