My Film Journey: River Trail

On Labor Day weekend, I hung out with my sister's family and their new puppy, Major. We went for a walk on a river trail near their house and I took my medium format film camera to get a little practice. As it turns out, I need it, at least on focusing! (Manual focus is more tricky than I remember!) On the bright side, I nailed the exposure on every frame, and I was extremely pleased with how the properly focused photos turned out. Straight out of the camera, without any processing, they are vibrant and contrasty, while still maintaining that realistic film look that I love. The only tweaks I made to these photos was a bit of cropping, and a slight bump in white balance to give a warmer feel.

Shot with my Mamiya 645 Pro on Kodak Portra 400 film and processed and scanned by local lab Schillers:


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