Paul and Erica: A Wedding Photographer Gets Married

When a wedding photographer, or probably anyone in the wedding industry gets married, it is both a blessing and a curse. We know all the tips and tricks, but we have also been to hundreds of weddings and struggle to craft a wedding that is personal and not like everything we have seen done many times before. We have all kinds of ideas. TOO many ideas. Fortunately, my husband Paul was extremely active in the wedding planning process and helped to sort all those ideas into a wedding that represented us. People often jokingly asked me if I was going to shoot my own wedding. The answer was yes, sort of. I love shooting wedding details, so I shot all of them myself in the weeks and days leading up to the wedding. But for the actual wedding day, I left the photography and videography in the capable hands of my co-workers and good friends David Cerven, Ryan Archer, and Ann Aurbach. Another question people asked me was about my ability to turn off my "photographer brain" for the day. Again, the answer is yes, and no. I was able to live completely in the moment and not worry about photography for the entire day, except during the actual posed photos. Poor Paul had to listen to me whisper instructions in his ear: "Kiss my forehead, move in closer, etc." Fortunately, he is a very patient and laid-back guy. It is also helpful to have worked with your photo and video team many times before, and to mesh well with their personalities and style!

My "something blue" was a wedding dress label made by my dear friend Nicole, who was out of the country and unable to attend the wedding.
Paul designed our invitations and programs, and all of the signage for the reception.
I ordered all of our flowers wholesale and my sisters and I made our own bouquets. We saved a lot of money and had fun with our DIY project!
After shooting countless weddings, it was more than a little surreal to be sitting in the makeup chair and putting on a wedding dress of my own!
The church we were married in holds a lot of meaning for Paul's family. The Church of St. Mary of Aldermanbury was originally located in London. After the church sustained major damage in World War II, Westminster College paid to have it shipped back to their campus in Fulton, MO and restored as a memorial to Winston Churchill. The church has personal meaning because Paul's ancestors were married in the original church building in 1653. The Robnett family now holds bi-annual family reunions at the Church of St. Mary, and several Robnetts have been married there.
My beautiful sisters Elisha and Shannon, and adorable niece Evelyn:
My handsome husband with his good friend Jon and brother Jeff:
Paul and I chose the cord of three strands as our unity symbol. We wanted to acknowledge that God is the cord that will hold our marriage together.
We had some fun re-creating a few of our engagement photos.
Paul and I love to travel, so our reception theme highlighted all of the places we have visited.
The vintage cameras and books are definitely a reflection of my two favorite activities. The globes and map-covered books tied in with our travel theme. And we both wanted to include the Bible as an important part of our centerpieces.
The dried roses are all from Paul, given to me when we were dating:
In memory of Paul's mom, our church group made lasagna based on her recipe as the main dish for the reception. We also used the cake cutters from both Paul's parent's and my grandparent's weddings.
Here are a few outtakes. This is what happens when friends and co-workers shoot your wedding! Thanks, David, Ryan, and Ann for capturing our day, and for keeping it fun!
After our lunch reception, I handed my camera to my brother-in-law, Randy, and we took a few final photos.
In the end, I was extremely happy with how our wedding day turned out. Everything went smoothly, we had beautiful weather, and we managed to have the wedding we wanted without breaking the bank. The day flew by so fast, so I am very grateful for the photos that David Cerven and Ann Aurbach created for us, and for the video that Ryan Archer is putting together. Thanks so much to you and to everyone else who helped to make our wedding dreams a reality!


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