Married: Sarah and Ian

All weddings are special and emotional. But I knew immediately that Sarah and Ian's was not going to be an average wedding. Both Sarah and Ian's fathers have passed, which certainly turns a joyful event into a bittersweet occasion. Sarah and Ian did a wonderful job of honoring the memories of their fathers, from the memorials set up in the front of the sanctuary, to the initials of Sarah's dad sewn into the lining of her dress. Ian's best friend, who died fighting for our country and saving the lives of his fellow men, was also honored with a memorial and table setting at their reception. Family tradition was recognized with Sarah's bouquet, which was carrying the heirloom rings and brooch of several of her family members, as well as when her grandfather placed a dime (not a penny, "because of inflation") inside her shoe for good luck. Tears were shed on this special day, both in mourning and in joy. Family members supported each other, hugged one another, and even cheered each other down the aisle, because they knew that despite all the pain of the past, Sarah and Ian represented hope and joy for the future. I cannot say enough how honored I was to be a part of their wedding. Sarah and Ian - you deserve nothing but happiness. I thank you for allowing me to be a small part of your journey together.


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