Destination Riviera Maya: Travis and Jessica

What do you do when your destination/outdoor/beach wedding gets rained out? Well, you smile like the awesome people you are and go to plan B: hold the ceremony under a covered gazebo, and make a quick plan for day-after/trash the dress photos. These particular awesome people are Travis and Jessica, who were kind enough to hold their winter wedding (and take me along!) in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Yeah, when you see the weather map looking like this, you pretty much know you are getting soaked. ALL DAY. So much for the rainy season being over with in Mexico!

Travis and Jess elected to do a "first look" so we would have plenty of time for photos. I love it when brides and grooms choose to see each other before the wedding. I have found that their nerves disappear and they become instantly more relaxed once they see their future spouse, allowing them to really enjoy their day together.

Rain? No problem! These covered hallways worked perfectly for portraits!

Don't you just love these crazy kids? I know I do!

We were given about a 10 minute respite from the torrential downpour, so we ran out on the beach to grab these photos:

Small receptions are the BEST! Everyone got crazy with the props...

...and then hit the dance floor! I have never had so much fun at a reception!

A little bit of sunshine for day-after photos? Yes, please! This time Mother Nature did not disappoint. (After all, she really did owe us one!)

Thanks, Travis and Jess, for being absolutely fantastic, and for taking me along to the warm, sunny beaches of Mexico in the middle of January!


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