Moments Like These

There is nothing I love more than a field of wildflowers, yummy buttery morning light, a gorgeous autumn sky, and hanging out with my family. I love my sister's family with all my heart and nothing gives me greater pleasure than watching them explore and play and laugh together. When I see these photos, I remember Evie looking down at her grass-covered feet and asking where her shoes went, and her huge grin at the sight of her beloved "baby bear," and her laughter, like music, when Daddy hoisted her up on his shoulders and threw her in the air.

These are the moments that are special to them, and to me. I hope I captured that mood, that feeling. I hope that years from now, when they look at these photos, they will remember these little moments, in a field of wildflowers, with yummy buttery morning light, and a gorgeous autumn sky.

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