A Very Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was filled with snowy walks and hot cider, Christmas brunch, reminiscing with family, playing with my niece, and of course, taking lots and lots of photos.

Christmas Eve brought a pretty white blanket of snow, which is impossible to resist for a photographer. When I suggested a walk to the park, my sister Shannon knew my camera would be coming along. She has been the subject of my photos since she was a baby, so she is more than used to being my model!

Shannon left her snow boots in Kansas City, so she trudged all the way to the park and back in four pairs of socks and dad's oversized boots.

Shannon took her turn as the photographer. I suppose it's only fair, after all the photos I have taken of her!

Walking in a winter wonderland!

On Christmas day, our family gets together for brunch before we open presents. This year, I was excited for my sister Elisha to see the owl hat I bought for my niece Evie. Little did I know how excited Evie would be about it! She had the biggest grin when she opened it. She promptly put it on her head and walked around the room for the next twenty minutes, proudly exclaiming, "Hat, hat!"

The many expressions of Evie. Her sweet little face changes by the second!

Can you tell I love this little girl to pieces? I know she won't remember this Christmas, but I will never forget it!


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