Matt and Nicole: Engaged

Location photo shoots are kind of a weird thing, when you think about it. It is not in fact normal to be told to kiss, stand (or sit!) out in the middle of the street, snuggle up in back alleys, and “act romantic” in tall grass while strangers watch you. So when people like Matt and Nicole come to me for their engagement sessions and weddings and totally trust me despite the wackiness of the situation, I am honored.

See, the thing about Matt and Nicole, and pretty much all of my clients for that matter, is that they are adventurous, and I LOVE that. Because as weird as it may seem when I ask people to climb over fences and into weeds, they trust that I will not make them look goofy. I do not take that trust lightly. In fact, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Without your willingness to try fun things, I could not be the photographer I want to be. So, thank you to all my lovely clients, and thank you Matt and Nicole, for being so open and trusting. I am grateful for the chance to capture the personalities that make you all so amazing.

OK, enough babbling. On to the photos!

Matt and Nicole - I am looking forward to your wedding next year!!


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