And Baby Makes Six!

Remember this family? Now meet their new addition. Jay, Robin, Matthew, Gracelyn, and JJ welcomed baby Jackson, and now they are a family of six! I asked Robin if it was a big change going from three kids to four, and she smiled and said, “Not really!” I love big families, because they are usually so relaxed and “go-with-the-flow.” I guess you have to be when you have a lot of kids running around!

I adore Jackson’s little scrunchy face in this photo! He’s so “whatever!” about the whole thing.

I kinda love the craziness going on in this photo, don’t you? It looks like so much fun!

If are thinking that Robin looks a lot like Kelly from my last engagement session, you would not be wrong…cuz they are sisters!

Thanks, Family P, for inviting me back to spend time with you, and for being so very “go-with-the-flow!”

On a side note, if you have every tried to post a comment on my blog, you were probably DENIED. It was nothing personal, I promise. Just a gliche that has now been fixed. Feel free to comment all you want!

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