Orchards, and pumpkins, and goats...oh my!

I love all things fall: sweaters and boots, pumpkins, bonfires on cool nights, hayrides, falling leaves, and of course, hot chai from Starbucks! My sister Elisha loves this time of year as much as I do, so when it was time for their family photos, I knew that a more casual, “lifestyle” shoot at an apple orchard/pumpkin farm was just the ticket. The weather must have been in on the plan, too, because it cooperated with us beautifully – a mix of sun and clouds, with just enough nip in the air for that authentic fall feel.

I have always loved apple-picking and farm visits, but there is something magical that happens when you experience it all through the eyes of a child. To see my niece Evie get excited about eating apples and petting goats reminds me of how special childhood is, how everything is new and thrilling in their innocent eyes. They grow up so fast and leave that wide-eyed joy behind way too quickly – I am thankful that I can at least freeze these moments with my camera.

I think Evie is just about the most adorable kiddo around, but then again, I may be slightly biased. I will say that she has so many different expressions that it’s hard to keep the photo posts to a minimum. And now that she’s starting to talk, I LOVE our little conversations together. We had a great discussion about Elmo’s eyes and feet and socks all the way home from the orchard. And that little laugh of hers – it’s contagious! I admit it – I am a smitten aunt, and it’s hard not to spoil her.

Nothing like the joy of having an apple for each hand...

...or a tree full of apples!

I mean, seriously, how adorable is that??:

How do you choose a pumpkin? It's the one you can pick up and carry by yourself!

Evie was diggin’ the goats, but not the weird looking, hairy cows. I don’t blame you, babe. They were kinda creepy.

And of course I had to get a photo with my sweatheart!

Stay tuned – October is a very busy month, and there will be lots of activity on the blog in the coming weeks!


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