A Weekend of Evie

I spent a very enjoyable Labor Day weekend with my extended family in southern Missouri. As the official "family photographer," I took a lot of photos of everyone. However, I admit that my camera was mostly turned towards my niece, Evie. She is one and a half now, and so full of personality that every single photo captures a new aspect of who she is becoming.

I am usually drawn to bright, bold colors in my photo processing, so you might notice a shift in my editing technique. I chose to process these with a softer feel, which works well when the subject is such a sweet little girl!

Evie is now walking, so photo sessions are a lot more challenging than they used to be. She is a constant moving target, full of all that little-kid energy I wished I had!

"Driving" her daddy's dune buggy. If she's anything like him, she's gonna LOVE cars!


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