Ron and Jen are Married!

This weekend, I was honored to shoot the wedding of fellow "soul sister," Jen and her fiance Ron. You may remember Jen from our Florida vacation this summer. Jen is such a good-hearted, sweet person, and I love her like crazy! I met Ron several months ago, and I knew immediately that she had chosen her perfect mate. I enjoy watching them because they have so much fun together, and I especially love the way Ron looks at her: like the precious treasure she is. Ron and Jen, I could not be happier for you. I hope you enjoy your photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

You must excuse the ridiculously large amount of photos on this post. I can't help it - I am so excited for all my friends to see them! But before we get to the wedding, let us pay homage to Creepy Erica, who kept staring at me while the girls were getting their hair done at the salon:

On to the wedding-day festivities!

See what I mean by the way Ron looks at his beautiful bride? Love it!

Mr. and Mrs!!!

Knowing most of the wedding party was very fun for me - we all laughed...ALOT! In order to get this photo...

...we had to first get out our giggles:

And before this photo...

...came this one!

The morning was cloudy and dreary, but the sun came out just in time for photos. LOVE the pretty backlighting here:

My personal favorite of the day:

On to the reception!

Time to party!

And one parting shot with all the soul sisters. Love you, guys - it was so nice to see you again!


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