I am fresh off my trip to Chicago. I stuck to my guns and didn’t bring my camera, but I couldn’t resist a tiny bit of documentation with my camera phone (to my Motorola Droid: you are NOT my precious camera, but you sure do an impressive job for a phone). Below is a little “camera-phone collage” of my trip.

I attempted to enjoy the Museum of Contemporary Photography, but I gotta be honest, I just didn’t “get it.” (Can you really claim to be an “artist” if you cut, paste, color, and glue together the works of other photographers???). So, I headed down the street to the Art Institute of Chicago and took in the exhibit of photojournalist Henri Cartier-Bresson, which was much more to my taste. He was so brilliant at capturing truth, whether it was in his travel photography, World War II images, or portraits of famous people. I was truly inspired by his work.

My day ended at the Oriental Theater where I saw Billy Elliott. I don’t care who you are, if you are a “musical” person or not, the dancing in that show is just brilliant. I was most blown away by all these kids who can dance CIRCLES around many of their adult counterparts (not to mention their ability to credibly imitate Irish accents!). Truly a fun experience overall.

After a pleasant Sunday morning walk along the lake (70 degree weather, I MISS you!), it was time for me to catch my train back to St. Louis. I made my way to the lounge car and literally did NOTHING for 5 hours but take in the scenery and listen to my music. No photos to edit, no house to clean, no errands to run. Ah, pure heaven.

Now I’m back in the Lou where the photos, dirty house, and errands are patiently waiting for me. Time to get cracking. I will be an editing maniac this week, so stay tuned for a family session, a newborn session, and photos from the workshop!


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