Wedding Dress, Storm Clouds, and a Sunset

In celebration of their one-year anniversary, my sister Shannon and brother-in-law Randy tramped out into the country with me for a "rock-the-wedding-dress" session. I gotta say that I LOVED every minute of this session - it was like photographing a wedding, but we had so much more time to really create the look I wanted (and having permission to get the wedding dress into fields, by a lake, etc really helped with the creative process too!).

Our adventure started out in true Midwest fashion: hot, hot, hot! These first few photos were taken while we all roasted under the summer sun.

About 20 minutes into the session, a huge storm cloud came up behind us, creating some awesome, dramatic sky.

We kept an eye on that storm...once the wind kicked up, we knew it was time to find cover.

We got to the car just as the skies opened up with torrential rain and hail. We watched as the wind took down tree branches and whipped the lake water into a frenzy. And, then, about 30 minutes later...the sun came back out as if nothing had happened. We hopped back out of the car and continued our session, just in time for that beautiful evening light.

I was dying to shoot in this gorgeous field of golden grass. There was only one little problem...the field was a "future site of a state park" and was not open to the public. Yet. So...we did what any reasonable person would do in the situation...we hopped the fence.

And, back to the lake for sunset.

Thanks, Shannon and Randy, for being adventurous and letting me drag you all over the countryside!


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