Family O.

I met Brian, Glenda, Connor, Cole, and Alyssa at their home in Eureka this weekend. I had a great time running around with them on their property and the beautiful farmland surrounding their home. As a photographer, I get tired of shooting in the same places all the time, so the new scenery was a welcome change. I could tell the kids really love having all that space to run around in. I too spent a good bit of my childhood away from the city/suburbs and those memories are some of my favorites!

I like taking the "formal" portraits, but I gotta say, my real favorites are the "action shots," like this one:

Glenda asked if we could do some "engagement-type" photos of her and Brian, and I was happy to oblige.

I think Brian thought I was a little strange to drag him into an empty field of grass :-) What can I say, I'm kinda obsessed with the simply beautiful combo of evening light and a grassy field!

Thanks, Family O., for letting me spend the afternoon with you!


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