Beach Vacation

I have spent the past few days in Florida hanging out with my best girlfriends, Nicole, Mindy, and "the two Jens." Every year, we "soul sisters" head down to Indian Rocks Beach for some shopping, beach time, good food, and of course, uncontrollable fits of laughter. Truly, there is no telling what will happen when you gather the five of us together in one place!

Living in the Midwest, I was eager to shoot some portraits on the beach. I managed to successfully sweet talk my friends into being my models/guinea pigs. They don't seem to mind too much by the looks of the photos.

The "girl-band" shot:

Cheesy shot, I know. But I thought it would be better to post this one than the shots featuring some of those girls indulging in sports-player-style butt pats (you know who you are, ladies!):

Poor Jen, about 20 seconds after we took this photos, the wind blew her hat into the water.

We had some wicked-cool lightning storms at night, so I drug the (metal) tripod out onto the beach in the hopes of getting a decent shot without getting struck by lightning. Mission accomplished:

I love these girls to pieces and am so glad we get this time together to push the pause button on life. Thanks, girlies, for once again reminding me what it means to laugh so hard my sides hurt!


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