Adelyn and Ella

This was the weekend of rain, rain, and more rain. That seems to be a theme in St. Louis these days! Now, can I just say, I'm all for crops growing and green grass and all that but....I would LOVE to have just one weekend free from the threat of rain! I did manage to squeeze in a portrait session this afternoon literally between downpours. We had to duck into a barn at one point, and minutes after finishing the session, the sky let loose with some serious torrential rain. But we managed to get through with minimal damage (other than me resembling a drowned rat!)

Despite the wet conditions, I truly had a blast photographing Adelyn and Ella. These two girls are seriously adorable - what photographer wouldn't love to capture their smiling faces? I love their energy and absolute openness. Makes me want to put down the camera and join in their games!


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